Show Rules and Cups.

Rules and Regulations

1. Entry fee for each class is 50p, there is no charge for children’s entries.

2. Only one entry per class by each competitor is allowed.

3. All decisions made by the Judges will be final.

4. Each competitor must display their exhibitor number on all items entered.  YOUR exhibitor number is in the corner on the entry form (see back page).

5. All exhibits must be made or grown by the exhibitor and remain on show until 4.00 pm.

6. Certificates will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in class.  There will also be a number of cups awarded (see list above).

7. Competitors must provide their own 10 inch paper plates and vases to exhibit their items.

8. Points will be awarded as follows – 5 pts for 1st prize, 3 pts for 2nd prize, 2 points for 3rd prize.

9. Individual entries only.

10. Children cannot enter any adult classes.

Remember – the show is all about having a go and having fun.  Good luck!


  1. Show Champion – Person with most points.
  2. Runner up Show Champion.
  3. Most points Vegetables
  4. Runner up in Vegetables
  5. Most points Fruit & Flowers.
  6. Runner up in Fruit & Flowers .
  7. Best Overall Floral Decoration Display.
  8. Best Prepared Product.
  9. Runner up Prepared Product.
  10. Highest Scoring Senior Citizen in Show.
  11. Best Display of Roses.
  12. Best Children’s Exhibit Overall.
  13. Runner up best Children’s Exhibit.
  14. Child with highest number of points.
  15. Best Photograph of the photography competition.
  16. Peter Proctor Community Cup.

Show Certificates are also awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in their classes

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